Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Review

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Review
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Quick Overview






  • Has a comfort grip handle
  • Carbon steel self-sharpening blades
  • Works perfectly with brushed coats
  • Very powerful when plugged in
  • Average quality accessories


  • Poor battery life
  • May require double passes
  • Vibrate slightly

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro reviews show they are a very reputable brand when it comes to clippers, whether for your pets or yourself.

This kit is equipped with all of the most necessary tools you’ll need for a thorough grooming session so that you can professionally maintain your pet’s coat at home.

If you’ve been searching for a tool that can work with fine, medium, or double coats, the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro is a fantastic choice.

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Review

You’ll find that after using these clippers for the first time, you will have a much more peaceful experience grooming your dog or your cat.

If your pet is prone to restlessness, you’ll be glad to know that the high-quality motor in these clippers can help you to get the job done quickly.

Also, with this kit, you can easily do touch-ups throughout the week instead of having to wait for your dog’s coat to grow before grooming them a second time.

Professionals have always relied on Wahl for their hair products, simply because the company has high standards and has been in business since 1919.

With everything that comes in this kit, your pet will finally be able to get the care and attention to their coat that you would typically have to pay hundreds of dollars for.

Its high performance is easily one of its most notable features, helping to deal with all types of hair and fur.

Who Is This Clipper Kit Meant For?

Anyone who owns a pet will undoubtedly benefit from using the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro.

Even if you’re looking for a pair of clippers that will work with your pet and yourself, you’ll be incredibly impressed with the sheer amount of power that this unit has to offer.

Based on several Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Reviews, one of the best features of the kit is that it’s so simple that even first-time pet parents will be able to provide a professional groom to their furry friends.

With that said, professional groomers will also love having this kit, as it’s a highly reliable pair of clippers that are cordless.

A well-groomed dog is a happy dog, and with the ability to use the clippers with or without their cord, you can create a more peaceful environment for anxious pets.

What’s Included?

As earlier discussed, everything that you need to give a professional groom is included in this kit.

The most useful tools you are bound to use are the clippers, the comb, scissors, cleaning brush, oil bottle, and the four guide combs that can be attached to the top of the clippers.

There are a few other essentials, including a heavy-duty storage case for all of the accessories, the charger, and more.

Overview of the Features

Whether you own a dog, a cat, a bunny, or a horse, the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro will prove to be incredibly useful.

  • Versatile Design

It’s far too often that pet parents find themselves investing in a pair of clippers that don’t work with their pet’s thin or heavy coats.

The Wahl Lithium Ion Pro is equipped for any situation, as they are useful for fine, medium, and double coats, giving you the power you need to work through any hair.

You’ll love using them for monthly grooming or weekly touch-ups to keep your pet clean and looking their best at all times.

  • Multi-Purpose

Although most clippers are advertised for dogs, these are highly adaptable to all types of pets, whether it be a dog, a cat, a horse, or a rabbit.

The blades are gentle enough to help prevent skin irritation on small pets, so you can regularly groom your animals with ease.

  • Corded and Cordless

If you prefer to use your clippers cordless, you’ll be glad to know that these have a built-in battery that charges when they are plugged in.

When it’s time to groom, if they aren’t fully charged, you can also use them while attached to the cord so that you have an endless stream of power.

Using the corded feature is far more beneficial for large dogs with very thick coats.

  • Detachable Blades

Cleaning your clippers has never been easier; the self-sharpening blades in these clippers are fully detachable and easy to clean.

Also, with the help of the oil bottle, you can keep the blades lubricated for the most efficient operation possible.

  • PowerDrive Motor

The largest-selling feature of the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro is their PowerDrive motor, which enables you to cut through the thickest coats.

You’ll also love the strength of the motor when it comes to dealing with mats, as the device won’t get caught or snag on your pet’s coat.

  • Color Guide Combs

If you have a specific coat length that you like your pet to have, you’ll also love the color guide combs.

Each comb has a specific color depending on the length they provide, which makes it easier to choose the right one every time.

  • Average Battery Life

For owners that need to do quick touch-ups, this clipper set is a fantastic choice, especially as it is so high powered that you can get the job done efficiently.

However, they do not have the most extended battery life out of other clippers on the market, as the battery only lasts up to 45 minutes with a 45-minute charge.

Professional groomers will love to use these plugged in so that they never have to worry about running out of battery.

  • Comfort Grip

You’ve likely used clippers in the past that sit uncomfortably in your hand or slip after applying product to your dog’s coat.

Fortunately, these clippers come with an exclusive comfort grip exterior that makes it much easier to maintain your grip on the unit.

Also, you’ll find this feature makes it substantially more comfortable to get into hard-to-reach areas with minimal effort.

  • Self-Sharpening Blades

Over time, the blades in most other clippers will need to be replaced because they lose their sharpness.

With these, you will have self-sharpening blades that will last substantially longer before they need to be replaced.

You will also appreciate how they are made of high carbon steel, which makes it easier to power through incredibly thick coats.

How to Get the Most out of It

Getting the most out of your new Wahl Lithium Ion Pro is simple, especially if you’re searching for a versatile pair of clippers that can work on anyone in the family.

Upon their arrival, you will want to plug them in to get a full charge before grooming, which can take up to 45 minutes.

During grooming, you may want to consider using them plugged in for the majority of the time, as the battery only lasts up to 45 minutes.

If you prefer cordless clippers, you can disconnect the unit to get to hard-to-reach areas or places where your dog might be a little more anxious with grooming tools, such as their paws or their neck.

As you cut away their coat, you may also want to consider using the cleaning brush to ensure the hair doesn’t clog the blades, impeding the performance of the clippers.

Once you have finished, be sure to remove the blades and thoroughly disinfect them before using them again.

To finish the grooming process, take advantage of the included comb and scissors to trim any delicate areas that you may have missed.


Our favorite alternative to the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro is the Ceenwes Low-Noise Dog Clippers, as they come with even more accessories for $20 less than the Wahl unit.

Also, you’ll find the performance of these clippers is well above what you would expect for their low price.

A few of the most notable advantages of the Ceenwes clippers include:

  • Added Accessories

Along with its stainless steel scissors and comb, you will also receive nail clippers, a nail file, four guide combs, a cleaning brush, an oil bottle, and a charger.

  • Quiet Operation

For pets who are rather skittish around grooming equipment, you’ll love that these clippers operate at less than 60 dB with minimal vibration.

  • Long-Lasting Battery

If you prefer to use these clippers cordless, you’ll be glad to know that the battery will offer up to 70 minutes of continuous grooming before needing to be plugged in, though you can also use it corded.

  • Adjustable Blades

Apart from using the guide combs, you can also adjust the blades of the clipper using the rotary dial around the neck of the device.

Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Reviews: Final Thoughts

If you want to purchase a set of clippers from a company with a strong reputation, Wahl Lithium Ion Pro reviews show that this unit is indeed reliable and useful.

Although it doesn’t have the longest lasting battery on the market, it does provide an ample amount of power to deal with thick coats.

Overall, this pair of clippers is very well-rounded and will prove to be useful primarily for touch-ups and quick grooming sessions.

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