Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder Review

Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder Review
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Quick Overview






  • Intuitive design
  • User-friendly features
  • Highly portable
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Ideal for cats and dogs
  • Works well with high-quality batteries


  • No English instructions or buttons
  • Solely battery operated
  • Can’t be used with rechargeable batteries

Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder reviews are scattered, as some pet parents suggest it’s the best automatic feeder they have ever used.

With a vibrant yellow casing, this device will surely add a new look to your pet’s feeding station and may encourage them to be more excited about meals.

You’ll also find that managing how your pets are fed will become far more convenient instead of having to fill their bowls manually.

You’ll find there are a few exciting features that help to make this device one of the better automatic feeders on the market.

Your pets will also love having regularly scheduled meals, especially if you’re someone who spends a lot of time away from home.

Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder

As with any automatic feeder, the main point of this device is to give you the convenience of creating personalized schedules for your pets to eat.

Also, you’ll appreciate that you can manage the serving amounts for your pets, so they don’t engorge themselves with food.

Its stellar aesthetic is perfect for vibrant households looking for unique items to add to their pet’s feeding station.

One of the most considerable advantages of the Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder is that it’s so simple to use that even your kids can maintain it.

You’ll also love how it runs off batteries instead of needing to be plugged into electricity, which gives you the ability to put it anywhere in your home.

Homeowners also won’t have to worry about adding electronic products that will consume energy over time, helping to keep your electricity bills more affordable.

Who Is This Automatic Feeder Meant For?

Pet parents who enjoy traveling are bound to get a lot of use out of their new automatic feeder.

Although you will still want your pets to be checked on, you can at least manage their feeding schedule throughout the day instead of relying on friends or family.

Even if you’re at work, you can guarantee your animals are getting their fair share of food until you get home.

There’s nothing more convenient than being able to set custom feeding times and amounts for your pets, especially if you are tired of measuring food to manage their weight.

You’ll also love having an automatic feeder if you have recently changed their food to help them adjust to the new recipe without experiencing any stomach upset.

Also, pets who are prone to eating too quickly can manage their eating habits better, as you can set the unit to provide specific amounts of food at a time.

What’s Included?

There aren’t any accessories that you will receive with your new automatic feeder, apart from the bowl that attaches to the front of the unit.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a power adapter included with this model, as it runs solely off battery power, which could be an inconvenience depending on your preference.

As with any part of your pet’s feeding station, you will want to make sure you purchase a mat to go under the base so that cleaning up after your pet has eaten will be simpler.

Overview of the Features

Here are the things this pet feeder can offer:

  • Custom Feeds

The main reason you might be looking into automatic feeders is that you’ll want to set up custom feeding schedules for your pets.

Fortunately, this unit allows you to adjust the portion sizes in five-gram increments, up to 80 grams of food for your pets.

You will also be able to manage different feeding times throughout the day and program schedules that will be remembered until you decide to adjust them.

  • Secure Food Reservoir

One of the main concerns about keeping a lot of pet food in one area is pests, such as fruit flies.

You’ll love how secure the food reservoir is since it seals tightly enough to prevent insects from getting into your cat or dog’s food.

Also, you’ll find that it’s quite difficult for any animal to access the food reservoir to sneak extra feedings when they shouldn’t.

  • User-Friendly Features

If you want to adjust your feeding schedules or stop specific feeding times from being repeated, all the features are easily accessible with the touch of a button.

When you lift the lid to the reservoir, you will find the LCD panel that has all of the functions you need, such as adjusting the time, portion size, and feeding schedules.

Similar to the other features, the LCD panel is incredibly simple to use that children will love managing the automatic feeder.

  • Battery Operated

If you prefer an automatic feeder that has a constant stream of power, you will be better suited to finding a model that comes with an adapter.

The Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder only runs off batteries, and the manufacturer suggests you only use alkaline batteries in comparison to rechargeable batteries since these may cause a malfunction.

  • Stable Legs

At the base of the unit, you will find four legs for added stability while your pets are eating.

The weight of the unit will also make it difficult for pets to knock the feeder over, even if they run right into it.

A good recommendation from almost all Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder reviews is to add extra rubber pads to the bottom of the feet to prevent the unit from scratching delicate hardwood floors.

  • Large Food Reservoir

On average, the feeder can hold enough food for your pet to be regularly fed for up to a week, depending on their appetite.

The smaller the kibble you use, the easier it will be pushed through the device, and the more you will be able to store.

It’s better that you avoid using large kibble, as it may cause blockages over time that you would also need to clear manually.

How to Get the Most Out of It

To get the most out of the Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder, you will always want to make sure the batteries have a reasonable amount of power for the kibble to be pushed out correctly.

Also, you may want to consider installing a silicone mat under the food bowl to help prevent any spills from getting onto your floor.

If you’ve ever used an automatic pet feeder before, you’ll know the importance of cleaning both the food reservoir and bowl weekly.

Overall, setting up the unit and figuring out each of the buttons is quite simple, even if they don’t arrive with English functions.

You can also find user instructions online that are written in English to help you with any questions you may have during setup.


Automatic pet feeders have never been more popular than they are today, so there are plenty of alternatives to sort through.

One of our favorites is the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder, which is a new model with a more modern and stylish aesthetic for any home.

A few of the other advantages of the Arf Pets Automatic Pet Feeder include:

  • Voice Recording: When you create a voice recording, you will be able to prompt your pet to come to the feeder at their scheduled times.
  • Bright LCD: For pet owners with poor vision, you’ll appreciate the large and bright LCD with easily adjustable settings.
  • Battery Backup: Instead of running primarily off battery power, you can plug this unit into the wall and features a battery backup, allowing you to choose your primary power source.

Slim Design: If you have limited space at your pet’s feeding station, you’ll appreciate the slim design of this feeder, as it will easily fit against any wall in your home.

Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder Reviews: Verdict

With Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder reviews, you’ll find it is a well-rounded automatic feeder that gives you access to the basic features you need.

You can easily set specific feeding time and amounts to accommodate your pet’s particular diets and to make feeding time far more convenient.

With a reliable conveyor belt, using small to medium size kibble will ensure it never gets clogged.

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