Best Orthopedic Dog Beds of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed
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Choosing the best orthopedic dog bed for your pet is a fantastic way to protect their joints from early signs of aging.

Especially if you are the owner of a senior dog, giving your furry friend a comfortable place to sleep is incredibly important.

With the help of these five beds, you’ll undoubtedly be able to find the plushest yet supportive place for them to rest throughout the day.

Comparison Chart

BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed

MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed Reviews

1. BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed

The BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed looks luxurious without being too over the top.

Its high-quality comfort is quite noticeable, as the bed has plenty of padding to assist with your pet’s most troublesome ailments.

There are several other features that you’ll love about this bed, which is why it made it to our list of the best of the best dog beds.

Product Highlights

Comfort and support are the two most important things that every orthopedic bed should offer.

With the therapeutic gel memory foam in this model, you can guarantee that your pet will have the best experience ever.

As such, you’ll start to notice a positive change in their joint pain, arthritis, and body aches as soon as they begin using the bed.

Pet parents also love how there are three different sizes to choose from (small, medium, and large), so they can find the ideal size for their pet.

Dealing with messes that your pet may have in their bed has never been easier, as the BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed is also fully machine-washable.

The cover is waterproof, too, so you can easily keep the bed clean throughout the week without the worry of the material smelling old or musty.

All you have to do is unzip the cover, remove it, and then throw it in the washing machine to help work out any unappealing smells.

Overall, the design of this bed is quite impressive; it’s a two-in-one design that accommodates any sleeping position your pets prefer to be in.

It features a 100% memory foam mattress as well as two long and two short bolsters for added support.

Also, it ships in a vacuum-sealed package, so you won’t have to worry about having a giant box shipped to your home.

The Good

You will immediately notice that your pets will love their new bed, especially if they tend to destroy most of the items you buy for them.

The high-quality cover is also quite durable and helps to prevent tears and rips from overactive dogs that enjoy chewing and clawing.

After unpacking the bed, you’ll appreciate that it doesn’t have the typical smell of vacuum-sealed items, though you may still want to wash it before using it.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the zippers on the BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Bed lack in quality, which can make it tough to take the cover off when it comes time to wash the bed.

Also, some customers noted that the bed never grew to more than an inch thick once it was removed from the vacuum-sealed packaging.

You may also find the bolsters can sit quite high off the ground (up to eight inches), so if you have a pet with bad legs, an alternative bed would be a better option.


  • Doesn’t smell after unpacking
  • The mattress is comfortable and plush
  • Supportive bolsters
  • Durable


  • Bolsters could be too high
  • Might not inflate properly
  • Low-quality zippers

2. MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed

Pets love things that are fluffy with plenty of texture, which is why the MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed is a fantastic option.

With a more rounded design than the other pet beds on this list, the appeal of this dog bed is adorable and easily fits into small areas of your home.

You’ll especially love this model for both dogs and cats, as it easily accommodates pets of most sizes.

Product Highlights

Similar to the previous pet bed we looked at, this model is also available in three sizes, which are small, medium, and large.

This allows you to choose the perfect one for the size of your pet.

Also, you’ll immediately notice its shag material, which is not only entirely pet-safe but also self-warming, giving your dog a comfortable and cozy place to relax in.

Made from faux fur, washing this bed is simple; you can machine-wash and dry the cover in the dryer on a low heat setting.

There aren’t any advanced bells and whistles with this bed; it’s very user-friendly and features essential traits anyone would want from a dog bed.

The raised rim, for example, is quite comfortable for your pets to curl up in, making them feel as if they have their own den-like place to rest.

Also, they will love the added support for their head and neck.

The cover material is incredibly soft, as well, which is designed to help improve your pet’s sleep and mood throughout the day.

You’ll also love the non-slip bottom that allows you to place the bed anywhere without the worry of your pet sliding around on hard floors, for example.

Not to mention, the bed provides an optimal amount of joint and orthopedic support for a healthier night’s rest.

The Good

When washed, the MIXJOY Orthopedic Dog Bed feels just as soft and comfortable as when it was first purchased, which speaks volumes to the quality of the materials used.

Your pets will love the cozy feeling of the bed, which will surely encourage them to use it more often than with other brands you can find.

It’s also quite supportive of all of your dog’s most sensitive areas.

Lastly, you can use this bed with cats, as well, as they will love curling up on the ultra-supportive center cushion.

The Bad

There doesn’t appear to be a memory foam interior; instead, it’s filled with polyester, which means it might lose its shape over time.

Also, you may find that the larger your pet is, the more likely they are to flatten the bed, which limits the amount of support it gives.

It’s a good idea to check the stitching on the cover of the bed before washing, as some areas may not be stitched as well as others.


  • Comfortable raised rim
  • Provides immediate support
  • Faux fur is self-warming
  • Very soft and durable material


  • Doesn’t have a memory foam cushion
  • The bed may become misshapen
  • Pets will flatten bed over time

3. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed

With a more modern aesthetic than the previous dog bed, the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed will look phenomenal in any room in your home.

It comes in four different sizes and is also available in four different colors, so you can choose depending on the aesthetic of the other pet items in your home.

This bed has plenty of great features that show it was designed with your pet’s overall health in mind.

Product Highlights

There is a single bolster that encompasses the bed, and it is filled with high-quality poly-fill.

This feature is exceptional for pets who need plenty of support for their head and neck while lying down.

The bed comes in four different sizes, ranging from small to XXL, to allow you to pick the ideal size depending on the weight and length of your pet.

The water-resistant liner is another notable feature, which allows you to wipe up spills and get rid of hair easily; not to mention, it also assists with repelling unappealing odors.

Above all else, the most exceptional feature of the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed is its human-grade mattress.

Filled with an impeccable orthopedic bed that even you would be comfortable in, your pets will appreciate the luxurious feeling of the high-quality mattress in this bed.

As an added benefit, this model features a non-slip bottom that easily allows you to put it on any type of floor without the worry of your pets skidding across the floor.

The Good

Many pet parents have noted that this is the best pet bed they have ever purchased because its cover is very high-quality, and the orthopedic mattress maintains its shape over years of use.

The sizing of the beds is also spot-on; in fact, even the XXL version offers plenty of additional room to spare for larger breeds, such as Labradors.

Also, the bolster around the exterior of the bed is of a higher quality than most other pet beds on the market.

The Bad

When washed, the anti-slip buttons on the bottom of the bed may fall off in the machine, which is something to be prepared for.

Also, although the cover material is high-quality, it certainly isn’t chew-proof, which doesn’t make it the perfect option for pets who tend to burrow in their beds.

Depending on the color you choose, you may find the bed may stain your walls, especially with the brown color.


  • Very comfortable
  • Looks modern and sleek
  • Helps to repel odors
  • Maintains its shape
  • Offers plenty of room
  • High-quality cover
  • Easily washed


  • Not chew-proof
  • Anti-slip buttons fall off
  • Material may stain walls

4. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

The PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed looks quite similar to the FriendsForever dog bed, though the material seems to be slightly different.

You’ll appreciate the high-quality memory foam padding within this mattress, as well as the waterproof design of the cover that makes it easy to keep clean over the years.

As another strong contender for the best pet bed, there are plenty of great features in this bed that you’ll love to have for your pet.

Product Highlights

The components of the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed are designed to provide your pet with a comfortable place to sleep in, in hopes that it will ultimately lead to better health.

After using their new bed for a week, they will begin to notice an improvement in their energy, mobility, and comfort, as well as a reduction in anxiety.

With the help of the generously filled bolsters around the entire bed, your pets will have optimal head and neck support.

This pet bed is made from polyester and cotton twill, which is incredibly soft and comfortable against your pet’s skin; in addition, it also highly durable.

You’ll especially appreciate the bolsters for puppies and small animals, as it also offers security in combination with support.

The water-resistant and tear-resistant cover is ideal for pets who tend to get rowdy with their belongings.

You’ll notice the anti-skid bottom, too, which is perfect for homeowners with hard floors.

You can purchase replacement covers separately if you want to opt for another color.

When it comes time to clean your pet’s bed, you’ll love how you can quickly unzip the YKK zippers, remove the cover, and throw it in the washing machine.

There’s also the option to spot clean specific areas if the entire cover doesn’t need to be cleaned yet.

Overall, this pet bed can comfortably fit animals up to 100 pounds, which is more than enough support for most dog breeds.

The Good

The memory foam inside the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is soft and plush without being too weak to where it loses its support.

Assembling the bed is also easy, as the zippers are very high-quality, which you will also appreciate when it comes time to wash the cover.

There will be plenty of room for your dog to sprawl across or curl up on their new bed, depending on how they like to sleep.

The Bad

If you want an anti-hair pet bed, this may not be the best choice for you, as the twill material clings onto hair and traps it within the fibers.

You may also find that slobber stains will show up on the material, though they can easily be washed away.

Also, it’s important to note that the cover is water-resistant, not waterproof; so, if moisture is left on the cover for too long, it will seep into the fabric.


  • Very comfortable
  • Highly supportive
  • High-quality zippers
  • Easily washed
  • Plenty of space


  • Not waterproof
  • Holds onto hair
  • Stains will show

5. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

For the final option on our list, we have the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed, which has a straightforward design that is quite similar to an orthopedic pillow you may have on your bed.

If you’re searching for a dog bed that appears to be rather basic but is specially designed for optimal support and comfort, this is one of the better options to have.

This bed is also available in several sizes and colors to meet different needs and preferences.

Product Highlights

Compared to the other beds on this list, there are far more sizes to choose from with this design, ranging from small to 4XL.

It is also available in an assortment of colors, including beige, pink, blue, and gray.

This comes with multiple fill options, as well; you can choose from orthopedic foam, cooling gel foam, or memory foam, depending on what your pet needs for support.

What makes this dog bed different from most others is that it has ergonomic and orthopedic contours that accommodate the shape of your pet.

They will have plenty of room to sprawl out during the day and night while maintaining the perfect contours for optimal support while sleeping.

In terms of the sleeping surface, the cover is a plush faux-fur that is incredibly soft against their paws and their nose.

When your pet begins using their new bed, they will love the dense and thick orthopedic foam that provides steady comfort, regardless of their size.

Their body will mostly be cradled within the bed.

The material is self-warming, which will give them more than enough insulation even on the coldest days.

When it comes time to clean the bed, you’ll love how you can easily remove the cover and throw it into the washing machine.

The Good

The contoured edges on the bed are perfect for pets who have joint and hip pain, as they help the pets find the ideal contour for their body shape.

You’ll also find your dogs are far more likely to use their beds, as the material is incredibly soft and entices them to sleep for longer, so they have more energy during the day.

With the rectangular shape of the bed, it easily fits into any space without taking up too much room.

The Bad

After washing the cover numerous times, you’ll start to notice that the material will fall apart in certain areas.

Also, as the cover isn’t water-resistant or waterproof, it is likely to retain moisture, stains, and unappealing odors over time.

You may also find a lot of pet hair will be collected within the fibers, so you will have to regularly vacuum the bed to keep it as clean as possible.


  • Specialized contours
  • Helps with joint and hip pain
  • Very soft material
  • Convenient rectangular shape


  • The material collects pet hair
  • Not water-resistant
  • Retains odors
  • May get damaged after washing

Buyer’s Guide

You can guarantee that your pets are going to want a comfortable and supportive place to sleep in that they can call their own.

The perfect dog beds come in many different shapes and sizes, crafted from a variety of materials designed to suit the specific needs of your pet.

Knowing what to look for when you start shopping can help you to find the perfect orthopedic design for longevity and vitality.

1. Materials

When you consider the materials used to make your pet bed, you’ll want to pay special attention to their fill, whether it’s an orthopedic mattress or poly-fill.

As support is the number one feature on your mind, you will want to make sure the fill material is highly supportive and unlikely to lose its shape over months of regular use.

Your best option is to find a bed that features human-grade padding, whether it’s a mattress or a soft foam that will adapt to the contours of your pet’s body.

2. Cover

Dog beds are made from many materials, but not all covers are best for your pet’s skin or are durable enough to last for years.

Most of the higher quality beds on the market will advertise the materials used during construction are pet-safe or skin-safe, which is critical to look for if your dog is prone to skin conditions.

You will also want to make sure the cover is durable enough to ward off rips and tears, especially if your pets are prone to destroying their stuff.

The highest-quality pet beds are typically made from polyester, cotton, or other types of thick and burly materials that assist with the longevity of the mattress.

Also, you’ll find some materials, such as faux-fur, are self-insulating, which can help your dog to stay warm throughout the years without needing a heater or a blanket.

Lastly, you will want to make sure the cover can be easily removed and washed regularly without showing signs of wear and tear.

3. Mattress Thickness

Similar to when you buy a mattress for yourself, the thickness of your pet’s bed is one of the most important features to keep in mind when it comes to long-term use.

The thicker their mattress is, the harder it will be for heavy dogs to bend the bed out of shape or cause it to flatten over time.

With that said, you won’t want something that is too hefty; it might make the bed more plush than supportive, which can be worse for your pet’s joints.

A good idea is to opt for a pet bed that is around three to four inches in thickness for small and medium-sized dogs and six to eight inches for larger dogs.

You will also want to ensure the mattress doesn’t cause the bed to be too far off the floor; otherwise, your pets may have a difficult time climbing in and out of bed.

4. Cushioning and Padding

Orthopedic beds have a unique combination of support and cushioning that will envelop your pet’s body with optimal comfort while resting or sleeping.

There’s a fine line between choosing a design that is too thick and sturdy and one that is far too plush to be supportive.

Your optimal choice is to choose a type of padding that will adapt to the contours of your pet’s body without being too overwhelming.

Most of the best pet beds will have memory foam padding or individual bolsters on the outside of the bed where your pets can gently rest their head and neck.

5. Space and Size

Even though we would all love to be able to give our pets an entire room to sleep in, that’s not always the case for most pet parents.

Instead, you will be on the hunt for a bed that offers an optimal amount of sleeping space but doesn’t take up too much room in your bedroom or living room.

Ideally, your pet should have enough room that they can sprawl out or curl up, depending on how they want to sleep for that night.

Luckily, most manufacturers provide sizing information for their beds so that you can easily select the right design depending on the length and weight of your dog.

You may also want to consider a rectangular or square bed if you have limited space, as they will fit easier in corners than round beds.

Orthopedic Dog Bed FAQs

1. Are orthopedic beds good for dogs?

Orthopedic beds are suitable for dogs at any stage in their life, as they can be a fantastic preventative measure or help to alleviate pain in the later stages of their life.

These specially enhanced beds offer an ample amount of support for hips, necks, and joints in the body for better vitality.

You can guarantee that after using an orthopedic bed for a few weeks, your pet will have far more energy than they’ve ever had.

2. How often should I replace dog bed?

Knowing when to replace your dog bed will depend on the activity level of your pet and personal preference.

Some pet owners might not have to change dog beds more than once a year, whereas others may have to buy another one after a few months.

If your pet is prone to chewing, for example, you’ll be more likely to buy more beds throughout the year.

Once the cover on your chosen bed has started to stain or is filled with odors that cannot be removed from washing, it’s time to replace the mattress.

Otherwise, your pets won’t be encouraged to sleep in their designated area, as their beds won’t smell appealing.

3. How do you wash an orthopedic dog bed?

In the past, the only way you would be able to wash a dog bed is by spot treating it with a cleaner.

Fortunately, most manufacturers now create dog beds in a way that you can easily remove the cover and either wash it by hand or in the washing machine.

Most brands also allow you to put the cover in the dryer, instead of having to wait for it to air dry.

Your best option for learning how to wash an orthopedic dog bed is to read the laundering instructions on the tag that comes with your cover.

This point is because many materials must be washed in different ways with different products.

4. Can I put a dog bed in the washing machine?

As earlier mentioned, most dog beds allow you to put the cover in a washing machine, which is why they are incredibly convenient for all types of pet owners.

All you have to do is unzip the cover and wash it in a cold or warm water setting using a mild detergent.

It is highly recommended that you avoid using bleach while laundering, as it can affect your dog’s skin as well as the longevity of the material.

5. Do dogs like memory foam?

Dogs like anything comfortable.

Since memory foam allows their body to sink into the perfect shape, you can bet that dogs will love to have a memory foam bed.

With that said, the soft and supple texture of memory foam can also entice your pets to chew on their bed, as it’s quite similar to some of their favorite toys.

This is why you must find a pet bed that is not only soft and supportive but also wards off rips and tears from chewing.

Our Final Recommendation

If you ask us, the best orthopedic dog bed is the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed.

It gives your pets plenty of space to relax in, and it also offers optimal support throughout the day and night.

You’ll especially appreciate the high-quality material the cover is made from, allowing you to wash the bed over months of use without any problems.

Also, the orthopedic mattress used to make this dog bed maintains its shape, even with the most substantial dogs, making it perfect for pets who need a lot of extra joint support.

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