Best Dog Water Dispensers of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Best Dog Water Dispenser
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The best dog water dispenser can be incredibly convenient, especially if you want to encourage your pet to hydrate themselves better.

With innovative designs and intuitive features, you can quickly provide your pets with a natural source of water that adds a little bit of flair to their existing feeding station.

There are plenty of unique features that each of these dispensers has to offer, whether you own cats or dogs.

Comparison Chart

Veken Automatic Dog Water Dispenser

MOSPRO Pet Fountain Water Dispenser

PetSafe Drinkwell Cat and Dog Water Fountain

Flexzion Pet Water Dispenser Station

Wonder Creature Pet Water Dispenser

Best Dog Water Dispenser Reviews

1. Veken Automatic Dog Water Dispenser

With an adorable design, the Veken Automatic Dog Water Dispenser will undoubtedly look fantastic in any home.

Apart from its aesthetics, this highly functional water dispenser will give your pets a far more enjoyable way to consume water featuring a unique filtration system.

If you want your pets to consume high-quality water, much like the rest of your family, this is one of the better water dispensers to consider.


When you purchase this water dispenser, you will also receive three replacement filters that help to provide your pets with the cleanest drinking water.

In each filter, there is a cotton layer, activated carbon, and resin that assist with ion exchange.

The triple filtration system not only helps to prevent illnesses but also helps to filter out any harmful minerals in tap water.

The unique design of the dispenser allows water to be dispensed through an adorable flower in the center of the unit.

Also, with the help of the ultra-quiet pump, your pets will always have fresh filtered water to enjoy, not to mention the pump also helps to conserve energy and will last up to four years before needing to be replaced.

Pet parents will appreciate the large capacity container which holds 2.5 liters of water for more than enough daily hydration.

All of the materials used to create this dispenser are BPA-free and environmentally friendly, which also helps to make it easier to keep clean.

As an added convenience, you will also receive a silicone mat to be placed under the unit to help catch any splashing water.

Depending on the excitement of your animals, you can opt from three different water flows, the first being a waterfall, then a bubbling motion, and lastly, a gentle fountain.


  • Entices cats and dogs to drink
  • Incredibly silent operation
  • Doesn’t splash when the fountain is on
  • Silicone mat matches the fountain
  • Prevents leaks


  • Difficult to find replacement filters
  • Possible pump issues

2. MOSPRO Pet Fountain Water Dispenser

With a similar flower design as the previous dispenser, the MOSPRO Pet Fountain Water Dispenser has a more subdued appearance with a white body and light blue accents.

If you have been noticing your pets aren’t encouraged to drink from traditional bowls, having flowing water may encourage them to drink more to keep any urinary issues at bay.

The large capacity of this water dispenser is also a notable feature, especially for pets who are prone to drinking a lot.


With the ability to fill the dispenser with up to two liters of water, you won’t have to worry about refilling this unit as frequently as you would a dog bowl, for example.

It’s perfectly sized for small to medium dogs as well as cats or other small pets you may have around the house.

Also, all of the materials used to manufacture the unit are environmental-friendly and are said to have food-grade certifications.

The quick-release function allows you to access all of the parts of the fountain that need to be cleaned regularly, including the main bowl and the pump.

You’ll also appreciate how silently this dispenser operates, which can be beneficial for pets who are somewhat skittish.

Overall, the pump consumes less than two watts of power, which won’t make much of an impact on your electricity bills.

With its ergonomic design, the MOSPRO Pet Fountain Water Dispenser helps to prevent joint and neck strain while your pets are drinking.

Also, you can choose from three different fountain modes, including a waterfall, a bubbling brook, and a gentle fountain mode.

As the water circulates through the fountain, it helps to bring more oxygen into the water, which is said to assist with your pet’s vitality.

Similar to the previous dispenser, this model also has a water filter and arrives with two replacement filters.

Both are filled with cotton to help trap debris and minerals from your tap water.


  • Easy to find replacement filters
  • Very sturdy and challenging to tip
  • Simple to setup
  • A perfect two-liter size
  • Easy to change water flow


  • The pump needs frequent cleans
  • Dishwashers will warp the bowl

3. PetSafe Drinkwell Cat and Dog Water Fountain

One of the most significant concerns with some water dispensers is that they don’t provide enough water for large dogs, which is where the PetSafe Drinkwell Cat and Dog Water Fountain comes in.

With more than enough space for plenty of water, you can guarantee your pets can keep themselves hydrated throughout the day.

There are three different sizes to choose from, as well, ranging from 64 ounces to 168 ounces.


The large water capacity of 168 ounces is quite impressive, especially for pets who love to drink a lot of water.

You will also love that you can give your dog or cat filtered water, as this unit comes with a replaceable carbon water filter that not only helps to remove odors but bad tastes, as well.

Your pets will surely have clean water to drink since any debris will get caught in the filters before making their way into the bowl.

With the built-in reservoir, you can easily refill the dispenser at any time, but you will find you’ll have to fill it substantially less than a regular dog bowl.

Also, your pets will love the steady stream of water that is fully adjustable so that you can pick the perfect flow based on your pet’s preferences.

For cleanup, all you have to do is put the parts on the top shelf of your dishwasher.


  • Emulates a sink stream
  • Doesn’t vibrate or shift
  • Very sturdy design
  • Prevents scum buildup
  • Perfect for multiple pets
  • Easy-to-find replacement filters


  • Must be cleaned once weekly
  • Difficult to clean

4. Flexzion Pet Water Dispenser Station

The Flexzion Pet Water Dispenser Station has a similar design to what you would think a traditional pet water dispenser looks like, which makes it ideal for simple feeding stations.

With a very user-friendly design that will be even easier to keep clean, both you and your pets will have far more convenience with this innovative tool.

Instead of having to keep the unit plugged into the wall, this device doesn’t require any electricity, as it uses gravity to dispense the water.


This automatic watering system is ideal for households where you can’t keep a dispenser plugged in 24/7.

Instead, you have an inverted water jug that will rely on gravity to ensure your pets are getting more than enough water throughout the day.

Once they finish the water in their bowl, the jug will refill the container, so they always have access to fresh and clean water.

The Flexzion Pet Water Dispenser Station is made from antimicrobial materials, which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, which can alter the smell and taste of water.

With that said, the plastic is quite gentle, so it shouldn’t be washed in the dishwasher as the heat will warp the plastic.

The PP plastic is incredibly simple to keep clean by hand, and there aren’t many nooks and crannies for dirt and hair to get caught in.

As an added convenience, there are anti-skid feet on the bottom of the unit as well as a recessed handle that makes it easier to unscrew the jug when you need to refill it.


  • The jug can be filled with ice
  • Easy to clean
  • Bowl always stays full
  • Easy to assemble


  • May leak over time
  • Could overflow
  • Encourages sloppy drinking

5. Wonder Creature Pet Water Dispenser

Pet owners who have recently brought a puppy or a kitten home will love having a small water bowl that meets their every need.

Even though the Wonder Creature Pet Water Dispenser doesn’t have as large of a capacity as some of the other models on this list, it has plenty of fantastic features for small pets.

You can guarantee your animals will be far more likely to drink out of this dispenser than a regular water bowl.


When the water falls out of the flower center, it is whisper-quiet, far below 40 dB, which is ideal for timid pets and in creating a more peaceful feeding station.

You’ll also appreciate how the pump consumes very little energy and is submerged to help prevent any loud and obnoxious noises.

Also, setting the dispenser is one of the most natural things you will ever have to do for your pet.

To give your pets access to cleaner drinking water, you’ll love the dual filtration system, which features a charcoal filter for purification.

There is also a built-in foam filter which helps to get rid of any traces of food particles, dirt, and hair.

Also, the fountain is made from completely BPA-free plastic.

If you want to add a little bit of flair to your water fountain, there are built-in LED lights that can make the water more enticing to your small animals.

For your convenience, there is an on/off switch for the LED lights so that you can turn them off at any time.


  • Very quiet
  • Encourages pets to drink more
  • Flower attachment is removable
  • Easy to clean
  • Keeps the basin full


  • Doesn’t filter hair adequately
  • Low-quality replacement filters
  • The pump may fail over time

Final Verdict

Overall, the PetSafe Drinkwell Cat and Dog Water Fountain is the best dog water dispenser since it has more than enough room for plenty of water throughout the day.

Even if you own multiple dogs, they will love drinking together from the vast reservoir that will always be filled with fresh water.

Although the parts are challenging to clean, the overall quality of the dispenser is far above what you would expect.

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