Best Dog Training Treats of 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Best Dog Training Treats
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The best dog training treats will help you to reinforce positive behaviors with your pets much more naturally than with any other type of positive reinforcement.

With the ability to give your dogs something delicious that they aren’t soon to forget, they will be far more likely to learn whatever tricks you’re willing to teach them.

Below are some of the best treats you can use for training any dog.

Comparison Chart

Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats

GREENIES Pill Pockets Natural Dog Treats

Good’N’Fun Rawhide Kabobs

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites Treats

Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats

Best Dog Training Treats Reviews

1. Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats With Real Bone Marrow and Calcium

Milk-Bone is one of the most popular treat manufacturers in the world, especially as their products are filled with ingredients that your pets will love.

The Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats with Real Bone Marrow and Calcium is the perfect size for training.

These treats aren’t too big or too small, making them ideal for all dog sizes.

Also, they are specially formulated to be appealing to any breed, thanks to their marrow-filled center.

Product Highlights

Within the 40-ounce container, there will be plenty of small dog treats that are perfect for large, medium, or small breeds.

If you’re on the hunt for a training treat that won’t fill their stomach but still encourage them to follow your commands, these are fantastic ones to consider.

The ingredients are wholesome and healthy for dogs, so you can guarantee you’ll be giving them a treat that will fill them with much better ingredients.

What makes these treats so interesting is that they can also supplement your pet’s regular meals, helping them grow stronger and satiating their hunger.

Pet parents can decide whether to use them as a supplement or as a treat, and the manufacturer suggests giving one to five biscuits daily as a part of your dog’s diet.

Ideally, you should give no more than one treat per 10 pounds of the body weight of your dog.

Your pets will love these treats because not only are these covered in a delectable biscuit, you’ll also find real bone marrow on the inside.

Indeed, these treats feature a relatively simple recipe that will easily encourage your dogs to always be on their best behavior.

The combination of the crunchy exterior and soft interior will suit their every need.

With these treats, you can show your dog just how much you love them every day.

What to Like About It

Fortunately, the Milk-Bone MaroSnacks Dog Treats With Real Bone Marrow and Calcium is easy to crumble in your hands, which makes it an even better training treat for dogs of all sizes.

You’ll also find that there are over 200 regular-sized treats in the container, which is more than enough to last a long time.

Due to their delicious flavor and smell, you can guarantee that your pets will love the taste of these treats; just make sure that you give it to them in moderation.

What Not to Like About It

One of the main concerns with this treat is that among the top four ingredients is sugar.

The other three are wheat flour, meat, and bone meal.

For pets that are on a strict diet, these may not be the healthiest alternative to traditional dog treats.

You may also find that the box is slightly challenging to open when needed, so transferring the treats to another pet-safe container could be preferable.


  • Delicious to dogs
  • Easy to crumble and break
  • Over 200 treats per container
  • Stays fresh for a long time


  • Contains a lot of sugar
  • May cause tooth decay
  • Poorly designed packaging

2. GREENIES Pill Pockets Natural Dog Treats

You may have heard of GREENIES due to their dental sticks, which are phenomenal for dogs who hate having their teeth brushed.

The GREENIES Pill Pockets Natural Dog Treats is another fantastic option that easily allows you to fit your dog’s medication within the treat.

Alternatively, you can use the casing as a training treat, as you can crumble it up for a delicious snack.

Product Highlights

One of the biggest highlights of the GREENIES Pill Pockets Natural Dog Treats is that it is made with natural ingredients and a couple of trace ingredients.

The delectable natural chicken flavor will set your pet’s senses on overdrive, making them far more likely to abide by your commands.

Even if you need to give your pet their medication, these pill pockets will surely encourage them to take their pills without ever knowing what’s inside.

As an added convenience, you won’t have to worry about trying to use other snacks that are typically slimy, greasy, or hard to handle, such as cheese or peanut butter.

Also, because the scent is quite overpowering, your pets are less likely to notice their medicine.

As such, you can give your dogs a more stress-free experience.

Once the pill has been inserted, you then have to pinch the pocket close and give it to your pet.

What you might appreciate the most about the GREENIES Pill Pockets Natural Dog Treats is that it is veterinarian-recommended.

This just goes to show that they have far better and healthier ingredients than other training treats on the market.

In fact, simply because these are so small, they are already a healthier alternative to other training treats.

Also, they’re available in three flavors: peanut butter, chicken, and hickory smoke.

What to Like About It

You’ll love using these treats for training, as they are quite malleable and easy to break apart into smaller pieces.

When it comes time to give your pets their medication, they will love having the treat and are far less likely to discover the capsule inside.

In turn, this makes administering medication far easier.

Not to mention, these are an excellent option for pets who are relatively picky eaters, especially if you choose a flavor you know they’ll love.

What Not to Like About It

Unfortunately, the recipe for these treats has two significant issues: they either dry out quickly due to a poor seal or turn into mush once warm hands handle them.

If you’re on a budget, you may want to consider an alternative brand of treats; with this option, you won’t get as many in a single bag as you would with other brands.

Also, these treats have been known to cause stomach upset and loose stools when given regularly.


  • Useful for picky eaters
  • Easy to break into small pieces
  • Healthier alternative
  • Heavily smells like chicken


  • Dries out quickly
  • May turn into mush
  • Could cause stomach upset
  • Not economical

3. Good’N’Fun Triple-Flavored Rawhide Kabobs for Dogs

The Good’N’Fun Triple-Flavored Rawhide Kabobs for Dogs is a little different than your average training treats due to their larger size.

However, these are a fantastic option for when you’ve finished training, and you want to give your pet a tremendous reward.

Also, it could be an excellent way to reinforce a behavior that’s been challenging to teach your pet.

Product Highlights

Luckily, there is the possibility of breaking these treats into smaller pieces, depending on the size of your dog.

Still, if you give them a full treat, there is only 18 in a 12-ounce bag, which doesn’t give you a lot of product to work with.

With that said, many pet parents may find these treats to be worth the investment, as they are filled with premium ingredients that your pets will love.

Each kabob is wrapped in different types of real meat that your dogs instinctively love.

You’ll find that there’s chicken liver, duck, and premium chicken included with each goody, which will surely appease your pet’s appetite.

Also, along with the chicken, duck, and liver, the kabob itself is made from premium rawhide and pork hide.

The unique shape of the kabobs will give your pets just enough entertainment to enjoy playing with the treat without eating it all in one bite.

Depending on how many treats you want, there are several options to consider; if you like, you can order up to 216 kabobs in a single package.

With the help of the unique shape, your pets will have access to a delicious treat that also helps to remove tartar and plaque build-up because they will naturally chew away any dirt and grime.

What to Like About It

Most dogs, especially picky eaters, will enjoy the multiple flavors combined into one treat, which is convenient for pet parents who find it hard to choose the ideal recipe.

You’ll also love that each treat not only satisfies your pets but will also help them to take care of their oral hygiene and keep them occupied for a few minutes.

In terms of training, because these are easy to break up, you can make many treats out of a single kabob.

What Not to Like About It

It is important to note that a few years ago, these products were recalled because they were contaminated.

You must check the batch number and expiration date of the ones that were affected before feeding them to your dog.

Your pets may not enjoy these treats due to their hard and brittle texture, especially if they are exposed to air for more than an hour.

Also, these treats are made in China, which appears to be a significant concern for many pet parents as the ingredients aren’t as strenuously tested as they would be if they were made in the United States.


  • Easy to break
  • Tastes delicious
  • Multiple appeasing flavors
  • Assists with dental hygiene


  • Previous batches have been recalled
  • Will dry out very quickly
  • Made in China

4. Wellness Natural Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

When you’re able to get your hands on specific training treats, you can guarantee your pets will love having a healthier alternative to traditional goodies.

The Wellness Natural Grain Free Puppy Training Treats is a great option.

These treats are perfectly sized for pets at any stage in their life and are also packed with healthy ingredients.

Compared to some of the other brands on this list, these can be far more preferable.

Product Highlights

When you read the product description, you’ll notice these treats are manufactured for puppies, which also makes them an excellent option for adult and senior dogs.

The softness of the ingredients makes the treats easy for pets to chew and digest without compromising their dental health.

Also, they will be able to devour them quickly so that you can get back to reinforcing positive behaviors much faster than ever before.

With a combination of premium lamb and salmon, you can guarantee your pets will be far more likely to get excited about training.

What’s more, you can rest assured that you’ll be giving a healthy dose of natural DHA per treat, thanks to the fish-friendly ingredients.

Fortunately, these treats don’t have any artificial colors or flavors, nor do they have corn or soy.

Every single bag of these treats is made in the United States, so you can rest assured the ingredients have been inspected and proven to be safe for your furry friends.

What to Like About It

These treats are a fantastic option for training your pets, especially if you’re looking for ones that are moderately sized and can be broken down even further.

You’ll also appreciate how the ingredients are meat and plant-based, rather than relying primarily on fillers that are unhealthy for your dogs.

With the easy-to-eat formula, these treats are highly recommended for pets of any age, even if they are puppies.

What Not to Like About It

Although the Wellness Natural Grain Free Puppy Training Treats is great for puppies, you may have to break it down even smaller depending on their age.

You will also want to transfer the treats to another container, as their original packaging may cause the goodies to dry out quickly.

Pet parents may notice a little bit of stomach upset with these treats, which is why they should be given in moderation while training.


  • Can be broken down
  • Healthy and whole ingredients
  • Very appetizing to pets
  • Great for all ages


  • Might need to be smaller for puppies
  • Original packaging is poor
  • May cause stomach upset

5. Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats

If you know your pet is someone who loves meat, these treats are a phenomenal alternative to some of the other brands on this list.

The Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats is made in the United States using some of the finest ingredients without the worry of artificial preservatives or unhealthy fillers.

There are plenty of advantages to using these as your top training treats, especially if you’re looking for something a little more natural.

Product Highlights

As mentioned, the Nudges Steak Grillers Dog Treats don’t contain any artificial preservatives.

They also don’t have corn, wheat, or soy.

If your pets have sensitive digestive tracts, you’ll appreciate that these treats are all-natural and much easier to digest than most others.

The first ingredient listed on every package is USA beef, which can give you the peace of mind you need.

Also, it’s important to note that these treats don’t include any animal by-products, so you can guarantee you’ll be giving your dog high-quality meat that they will love.

Protein is by far the number one ingredient of these, which makes them a phenomenal supplement along with your dog’s daily diet.

Even though they may look like pieces of jerky, you’ll find that these treats are quite tender and comfortable for your pets to chew.

What to Like About It

The chewy texture of the treats is not only fantastic for entertaining adult dogs but also easy for senior dogs to enjoy.

What’s more, you’ll be able to break each treat into smaller pieces for training to ensure you don’t go over the recommended serving size for your pet’s weight.

Due to their delicious flavor, your pets are far more likely to get excited about training as soon as you open the bag.

What Not to Like About It

When introducing these treats to your dog’s diet, you should expect a change in their stools.

If the stools become bloody or looser than average, it’s important you visit your veterinarian as soon as possible, as your dogs could be having an adverse reaction to the ingredients.

Another curious thing about these treats is that they contain chicken as well as beef, which is something to note, especially if your dog is allergic to poultry.


  • Delicious ingredients
  • Chewy texture
  • Easy to break apart
  • Packaging keeps treats fresh


  • May cause stomach upset
  • Includes chicken and beef
  • Could cause bloody and loose stools

Buyer’s Guide

With so many different brands and recipes on the market, knowing what treats are best for your dog can be quite challenging.

When shopping for training treats, there are several features the best goodies are going to have, ranging from natural ingredients to a reasonable calorie count.

Making sure you keep an eye out for the following traits will give you the ability to provide your pets a treat that they will love without any adverse reactions.

1. Ingredients

The very first thing you should always consider before buying treats are the ingredients in the formula.

Even though a brand may advertise their treats as “natural”, it doesn’t mean that they don’t contain any fillers or artificial colors and flavors.

The ingredients must also be approved by the FDA to make sure you are giving your pets something that won’t cause severe medical issues.

It’s also essential to run the list of ingredients by your vet to ensure your pets aren’t likely to have an allergic reaction.

You would be surprised at the sheer amount of dogs that can be allergic to anything from gluten to chicken, which are two prevalent ingredients in most treats.

As long as you stick to recipes that will prevent stomach upset, your pets are more likely to enjoy their treats.

2. Size

When you begin training, it’s likely you’re going to want to reward your dog for every positive movement that they do.

With that said, you’re not going to want to give them an entire pig ear, for example, every time they listen to your commands.

Instead, opting for a small bite-size treat will allow you to continue training without overwhelming your dog’s stomach.

Much like their name suggests, training treats are a once-in-a-while treat that your dogs can have, rather than the food they eat daily.

You’ll typically want to find a recipe that is equivalent to the size of a dime or that can be broken down into smaller pieces, depending on the size of your dog.

Pet parents will need treats that are large enough to satiate their pets but also small enough to where they will be encouraged to behave appropriately to get more.

3. Calorie Count

It’s easy to go over your pet’s calorie allotment for the day, especially if you intend on training for one to two hours.

As your treats aren’t meant to supplement meals, you’ll want to choose recipes that have a moderate to low calorie count.

Otherwise, you could be encouraging obesity in your pets, especially if they aren’t very active on their own.

Always make sure you keep track of the number of treats you give to your dog daily and add those calories in with the food that they eat so that you can manage their diets.

Typically, the more unhealthy the treats are, the more unhealthy calories your pet will be consuming daily.

As such, it can be far better to opt for more natural ingredients and whole ingredients.

4. Flavor

The flavor of your chosen treats is subjective, especially as dogs might be interested in certain flavors over others.

For example, if your dog loves peanut butter, you’ll be better off finding peanut butter treats instead of beef.

Alternatively, if you don’t know what your pet likes, it’s always a good idea to opt for meat-flavored recipes, as most pets will love them.

As you try different treats with different ingredients, you will learn what your dogs like the most and be able to reorder goodies based on their preferences.

5. Smell

For dogs, the smell is incredibly important as it tells them whether something is edible or not.

You’ll find that if you give your dog a treat they don’t like, such as broccoli, they will smell it and then walk away.

With that said, your treats will need to have an overwhelming smell that will make your dogs drool before getting one.

The main objective of using training treats is to encourage dogs to follow their owner’s commands in receipt of a reward.

You’ll surely want to make sure their reward is something they’ll be willing to do anything for.

Dog Training Treats FAQs

1. Should I use treats to train my dog?

Treats should almost always be used to train your dog, as they are a unique way to encourage your pet to exhibit a specific behavior.

What better way to get your dog to heel or sit than to give them something delicious that they will be able to enjoy for a few minutes?

Although you will want to alternate between treats, affection, and verbal reinforcement, goodies are by far the best motivator for your furry friends.

2. What are high reward treats for dogs?

High-reward treats are items that have an incredible value to your dogs, apart from the ones that you typically use for training.

These items should be something that you know your dog loves but don’t get very often.

When they show exceptionally positive behavior or have a particularly good day of training, you can give them a high-reward treat.

A couple of examples include peanut butter, cheese, freeze-dried bacon, hot dogs, baby food, and more.

Typically, these types of treats are something they don’t get very often, which will make them more likely to exhibit positive behaviors in the future.

3. How many treats should a dog have a day?

The number of treats you should give your dog daily will depend on their age and weight, as well as their diet.

If your dog isn’t used to being fed treats, you’ll want to give them a few, at most, in a single day; otherwise, it could cause stomach upset.

It’s also important to remember that treats typically have a lot of calories, which can negatively impact your pet’s weight.

Your best option is to look at the serving suggestions on the ones you own.

Some brands will suggest one to four treats daily, while others can be as high as 10; it generally depends on the ingredients and size.

4. What can I use for dog treats?

It is true when they say that dogs will eat relatively anything unless you own a particularly picky furry friend.

With that said, you will need to make sure you choose healthy treats that are equally as delicious as they are wholesome.

A few examples of dog treats you likely already have at home include:

  • Peanut butter
  • Pumpkin
  • Carrots
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Cucumber

5. Can a dog have too many treats?

Just like how humans can have too many sweets, dogs can certainly have too many, which may result in loose stools, indigestion, and, quite often, vomiting.

You mustn’t overwhelm your pet’s system with treats, as they typically have more calories and dense ingredients compared to their regular dog food.

Although it can be satisfying to reward your pets with their favorite treat, always make sure you do so in moderation.

Our Final Recommendation

Our choice for the best dog training treats is the Wellness Natural Grain Free Puppy Training Treats.

With the assortment of healthier ingredients in these treats, you can rest assured your pets will be eating a treat that will add to their vitality, primarily as they don’t feature artificial colors, fillers, or preservatives.

Also, with their bite-size pieces that are soft and chewy, you’ll love giving them to your pet at every stage of their life.

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