Best Dog Clippers for Thick Coats in 2020: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Best Dog Clippers for Thick Coats
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The best dog clippers for thick coats outperform any other type of clippers in terms of speed, precision, and power.

You will need to find a pair that can power through the most rooted mats without irritating the skin of your dog for a more comfortable experience.

These five models are fantastic options for animals who are prone to matting and tangles, as well as for those who have incredibly dense hair.

Comparison Chart

Oneisall Pet Grooming Hair Clippers

YIDON Dog Clippers

Hansprou Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

PetExpert Dog Clippers

IWEEL Dog Clippers

Best Dog Clippers for Thick Coats: Brief Reviews

1. Oneisall Pet Grooming Hair Clippers

There’s nothing more convenient than having every tool you could need for grooming your pet, which is what these clippers have to offer.

The Oneisall Pet Grooming Hair Clippers is sleek, stylish, and the perfect option for professional groomers and pet parents alike.

The powerful motor and intelligent LCD indicators are just a couple of fantastic features you’ll love to have.


Having cordless clippers like this pair can be incredibly convenient for grooming anywhere at any time, especially when you need to get to hard-to-reach areas.

Your pets will be far less likely to get anxious from long cords and a heavy-duty casing, as this model features a lightweight and comfortable grip.

Charging the 2,000 mAh battery is also a breeze, as it can last up to five hours, depending on the thickness of the hair on a three-hour charge.

We also love the charging stand that these clippers come with, which allows you to display them proudly in your grooming room.

Another convenience is the intelligent LCD display on the front of the clippers, which lets you know the remaining battery power before needing a new charge.

Also, you’ll have access to plenty of accessories, including six guide combs, the charging base, a cleaning brush, a comb, and a pair of scissors.

The motor of these clippers is also notable as it’s quite powerful without draining too much battery power with every pass.

You’ll appreciate its low-noise operation and how it’s less likely to get clogged as quickly as some of the other clippers on the market.


  • Very easy to use
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Relatively quiet
  • Convenient attachments
  • Works smoothly with thick fur


  • Allows for uneven cuts
  • Teeth may break off the combs
  • Combs are hard to remove

2. YIDON Dog Clippers

The YIDON Dog Clippers are a professional grooming kit that is easy enough for first-time pet owners to use as well.

With all of the accessories and features that this unit has to offer, you’ll find yourself grabbing for this kit more often than any other grooming tool you have in your home.

You’ll also appreciate the streamlined design of the accessories and clippers, which are modern and sleek.


Similar to the other clippers on this list, you will receive an assortment of accessories including four guide combs, two pairs of scissors, a nail file and clipper, a cleaning brush, the charger, and a rechargeable battery.

With the use of the high-quality rechargeable battery, these clippers may last up to three hours when they are being used cordless.

As an alternative, you can also use them while plugged in if you prefer to have a constant source of power.

The low vibration and low noise of the motor are perfect for pets who get anxious around grooming tools.

You’ll find that it’s much easier to keep them at ease while you take advantage of the incredibly sharp yet safe blades that excel in performance.

These clippers feature titanium ceramic inserts, which are known for their precision and sharpness, without the worry of needing to replace the blades quickly.

Many pet parents appreciate how easy the blades are to clean after every grooming session, and the high-quality accessories make it even easier to get a professional look after you are finished.


  • Has plenty of accessories
  • Low-noise operation
  • High-quality blades
  • Cuts hair easily without guards
  • Trims quickly


  • Doesn’t cut well with guards
  • Needs to be cleaned frequently

3. Hansprou Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

The Hansprou Professional Dog Grooming Clippers has a slightly different aesthetic compared to other clippers, which is a breath of fresh hair.

With a corded design, it looks quite similar to human hair clippers and offers performance that is well above your standards.

The aluminum-alloy body is high-quality, comfortable, and heavy-duty to last over years of regular use.


If you prefer to use corded clippers, this pair is what you’ve been searching for; you won’t have to worry about recharging any batteries or losing power halfway through a project.

The 12V motor in these clippers is also notable, giving you more than enough power to get through incredibly thick hair.

Another specialty feature is the blade within the clippers; it features 35 teeth for high-quality precision cuts without any tugging.

The blade is also made from titanium alloy and ceramic, which is perfect for when you need the utmost amount of control without irritation the skin of your pet.

Also, the blade is easy to remove when it comes time to clean the clippers after you’ve finished grooming.

Working with your dog’s fur has never been more efficient than with the use of these high-precision clippers.

The ultra-quiet design of the Hansprou Professional Dog Grooming Clippers is similar to others on the market, as well as its low-vibration feature.

With a maximum of 50 dB of noise, your pets aren’t likely to get scared of any of the new tools you’ll be using.

Also, as the 35-tooth blade cuts through mats like butter, it will be a far more enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

As an added convenience, users will be able to adjust the height of the blades to five different lengths, depending on how long your dog’s hair is.


  • Anti-skid handle
  • Works correctly on thick coats
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Doesn’t yank any hair


  • Doesn’t work well with guards
  • Blades dull easily
  • Poorly written instructions

4. PetExpert Dog Clippers

All of the grooming tools you could need are included in the PetExpert Dog Clippers, whether you’re a professional groomer or a newbie.

These incredibly stable and comfortable clippers are perfect for any dog breed, regardless of the thickness of their coats.

With exceptional versatility, convenience, and comfort, you’re likely to fall in love with this model after your first use.


Grooming your pet at home has never been simpler than with the help of this kit.

It arrives with four guide combs, a cleaning brush, a charging base, a nail file and clipper, scissors, and a stainless steel comb.

We especially love the charging base, as it allows you to keep the clippers safe and secure while putting more power into the battery.

Also, it features an LCD indicator on the front that keeps you apprised of the current battery percentage.

With the help of the turbo feature, you can speed up your grooming process and tackle even the most robust mats.

You’ll also appreciate the titanium and ceramic blades, which maintain their sharpness and reduce any heat produced from continual passes.

Also, your dogs will appreciate having a pair of clippers that don’t pull or snag their hair, regardless of length.

With just under four volts of power, the rotating motor is very energy-efficient and offers a smooth cutting process.

You can also opt to use the slower speed setting to help preserve more power, depending on the thoroughness of grooming you’d like to achieve.

Just like most other clippers, these have less noise and low vibration to help put your pets at ease.


  • Convenient LCD
  • Blades are very sharp
  • Efficiently work with thick coats
  • The battery lasts up to two to three hours
  • Smooth operation


  • Poorly made scissors
  • Long hair may clog the clippers

5. IWEEL Dog Clippers

The IWEEL Dog Clippers are quite impressive, especially if you’re looking for waterproof clippers that can be easily used at home.

Everything you’ll need will arrive in your kit.

These clippers feature two separate speeds for a customizable experience.

With a relatively simplistic design, this unit has plenty of power and will also look fantastic in your hands.


By far, the most notable feature of the IWEEL Dog Clippers is that they are waterproof.

With IPX4 water-resistance, you can easily wash the entire unit after grooming for ultimate sanitation.

Also, this makes it substantially easier to get rid of any extra hair that might be hiding in any nooks.

As mentioned, everything you need is included in this kit so that you have complete control over how you groom your dog.

You will love the three- to nine-millimeter guide combs, as well as the left and right 12mm combs, that will help you achieve the perfect precision.

In your kit, you will also have stainless steel scissors, a stainless steel comb, the USB charging cable, and a cleaning brush.

This cordless clipper is a fantastic option for at-home grooming or while you’re on the go, as it’s lightweight and very portable.

It also features two different speeds, depending on how efficiently you need to cut your pet’s hair.

Also, it arrives with incredibly sharp stainless steel and ceramic blades, which should make working through thick and matted hair substantially easier.


  • Silent operation
  • Fantastic for dogs and cats
  • Blades are quite sharp
  • Impressive battery life


  • Slightly underpowered for thick hair
  • Not ideal for long hair

Final Verdict

Much like their name suggests, the PetExpert Dog Clippers are an excellent pair of clippers for at-home and professional grooming.

Their extreme cutting power and user-friendly features are what put them at the top of the list for the best dog clippers for thick coats.

You can guarantee the motor won’t slow down, even when powering through thick undercoats.

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